Contemplating Space Travel

People often think ideas about intergalactic travel are crazy. I’m sure that 100 years ago, people thought Internet research was crazy too. However, research & writing technology shifted from the typewriter to the Internet in a generation. It may be possible then, to speed up human capability for advanced space transportation.

People would have to shift their thinking and believe that this is possible. Most of us are never encouraged or taught anything about faster than the speed of light space travel. If we were taught these types of things in preschool, perhaps we could advance our technology. In my experience, people get angry when you even mention such things.

Being able to travel beyond our solar system, into another solar system, or into another galaxy, beyond our Milky Way Galaxy, will require faster than the speed of light technology. Research the following terms on the Internet: speed of light; faster than the speed of light; interstellar travel; intergalactic travel; spaceships and travel beyond our solar system; starships and interstellar travel; speed of sound and space travel. See what you are able to learn. Then, spend time in a library (any public or university library, or online libraries) and ask reference librarians to help you locate knowledge building materials (books, dissertations, theses, articles, films, movies, documentaries and websites) on these key word topics. Before you know it, you will be learning more about this subject than most people in the world.

Galactic Neighborhoods?


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